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The pressure builds, yesterday my manager said I’m not meeting the targets, today he hassles me for an email that has been posted, but hasn’t arrived. I struggle to put together my training session ready for tomorrow, trying to work out what to include and leave out, without clear guidance on what he wants. Suddenly I decide to check if he has a projector and laptop arranged. I ring him up – you haven’t ordered one…what, who does training without a PowerPoint presentation, projected on a screen. Obviously we come from different generations. The tears start to fall. I get off the phone and text an old colleague –  I wish you were here still for a coffee, not coping today. The colleague next to me suggests I go for a walk, get some fresh air. I’m in no state to return to my presentation. I walk round the building, discover a green space I never knew, a bench in the sunshine. I ring some friends until someone picks up. I don’t want to dump my loser self on others, yet I know I need to hear that friendly voice. Half an hour later I get off the phone, the tears still fall, and my nose is running. At least I now see why this has been triggered, by speaking it out, I discover I have too much on my plate this week and I’m tired, not just the work stuff but a talk for church to write and a report for the members newsletter. I change my task for a while, praying God help me through the day, as my friend suggested. I get through the day, get home, and curl up in bed with a trashy book…


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Art as therapy

Sorry guys it’s been a while. Finally uploaded some photos recently. Included was 4 canvases I created last year and early this year in the first few months of being signed off ill with depression.

The first one was stress. It was how I pictured the stress of work on my life.

It’s a tracing of a brain out of greys anatomy, held with pins on which elastic bands are stretched. The word stress is also pricked out on the paper.

Next came insomnia

A dolly under her duvet with only her pigtails and feet peeping out. The word insomnia was embroidered on the ‘duvet’.

Next came anxiety.

When you’re anxious even soduko puzzles make you anxious. Along with that, a collage of newspaper print of anxious words and sentences.

The last in the set was depression.

A collage of fabric, paper and stitching. The fog of depression in the tissue paper. But through it all, there remains a golden thread of hope.

What are other peoples experiences? Makes you wonder if the order of creation was of any significance