In the last 48 hours I’ve done the following…

1. Cried

2. Beat myself up

3. Decided not to contact anyone to say how I am, I don’t want to be a burden in their already busy lives.

4. Carried on as usual

5. Drunk tea and snuggled on someone Else’s sofa

6. Allowed someone else to show interest in how I am

7. Tearful and snotty

8. Been blessed by the positive in messages

9. Read the negative in messages

10. Felt neglected when call got cut off and thought that represented their lack of concern

11. Looked up the number for the Samaritans

12. Ruminated over whether to ring the Samaritans or not

13. Decided the Samaritans had more important cases

14. Went to work 

15 Continued work as normal, my ‘stuff’ tightly shut in a box

16. Took up the offer of a place to run away to

17. Stayed with old friends who love me and care about me

18.Talked to friends with the ability to speak truth and life

19. Been cooked for

20. Eaten excellent food

21. Enjoyed country air

22. Enjoyed the sunshine and blue sky

23. Enjoyed the company of children

24. Drunk cups of tea

25. Time away from home

Hoe do you cope with the lows? How can you be a blessing to people during their lows…when they don’t feel able to ask for help?