I apologise for the radio silence but I’ve been ill I have slept most of the last 4 days!! I always figure that when you get ill, its your body telling you to stop and rest, the problem is the transition from sickness to health, when you suddenly upset the sleep cycles and then end up unable to sleep at the correct time (early hours of the morning) because you spent the whole of the previous day asleep. And so it was that at 3am I was spinning yarn on my spinning wheel!! At least it was active, but mindless and lacked any form of electronic technology. Then today I felt so tired. I now understand why they put signs on the roads advising you to ‘don’t drive tired’, my reaction times today were certainly not up to scratch. I’m immensely grateful I reached home in one piece to be honest.

Sleep, we take it for granted until its not there, then wrestle and struggle to make it come, finally living under its curse until the next chance to sleep again.

Sleep well tonight.