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I write this blog from a train…in-between home and home. My flat, my space, my sanctuary, rented, small, just a studio, but all mine. My parents home – the place that has remained constant for the last 21 years, full of memories, family, growing up.

A few years ago my friends would tell me off when I said i was heading home…you are home they would say…

But home in one sense talks of permanence, putting down roots, being part of the community, part of the furniture. Partners, children, jobs give permanence.

Where does that leave me…a singleton, no kids, a temporary job? In between being a child but not yet a mother or on a career path. Trusting God to lead me step by step through life, no plans, the plans I once had in tatters.

I guess for me i just have to learn to embrace home as being in the place that God has called me for this season, no longer in between homes, but at home where He is.

Happiness is…

  • a home of your own, not sharing with strangers
  • everything in its place
  • daffodils given with love, from kids for Mother’s day
  • a veg box
  • a cup of tea
  • friends that help you out
  • a spinning wheel
  • shelves of books
  • unpacking my kitchen stuff after 3 years in storage!!!