I’m praying for guidance for the future…I know I like to plan my life…and I know God doesn’t always reveal it all at once but little by little…

I considered doing a DTS with YWAM, but I just feel a sense that DTS is not for now or next year…perhaps the year after…we’ll see. or perhaps he wants me to do some other kind of bible study or none at all – today I felt like He punched me in the stomach and said – Midlands ministry training course – it’s bible theology and exposition, especially aimed at people who preach. Yuck! The practical ministry part sounds good and so does the option to do a womens track – learning bible teaching and pastoral issues specific to women. So not me…don’t understand, I’m not a teacher, more a pastor..

He has also been talking to me about moving up the road into my parish, into the asian bit of my parish. Well I prayed and knew I needed someone to partner with me as I’m a single girly and Jesus sent his disciples out in twos. God gave me the name of a lady in my church who’s old enough to be my mum!! So this sunday I was chatting with her, about considering moving and she says – well I live on my own in a 3 bed house and a few times I’ve wondered about asking you if you want to move in with me. Only then I shared that I felt God had already told me her name…so we’re meeting up tomorrow to pray about it together and discuss.

I have so many ideas about what I want to do when I move up there…but God pretty clearly has already said – I want you to go and BE, BE yourself, BE hospitable and most of all PRAY, but stop planning stuff to DO, cos for now I just want you to BE!

I also have been feeling God wants me to move into childcare. I pray I can discern the route to that – NVQ, early years professional status, childminder training, open university studies…Started an intro to childcare course today which provides a grounding and feeds people mostly into a NVQ course – I don’t want to get fed into that route if it’s not right for me.

So basically I’d really appreciate prayers for all the above, and that I continue to keep pressing in to God, surrendering to him and listening.