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With me in my mess




Over Christmas I was struck with how Jesus left the glory of heaven to be born in an filthy, dirty, messy stable, he left perfection, to join us in our mess: poverty, homelessness, illness, broken relationships, greed…

I was grateful that he came to be ‘God with us’ to join us in our distress. Yet it also challenged me, if I am to become Christ-like, then there is a challenge that I too should be willing to join others in their ‘mess’, showing them love and acceptance as Jesus showed me. In my current role I regularly do home visits, what does that mean for me when I visit someone with a filthy house, a smoker, someone recently bereaved, someone with cats, someone with a disability…

It isn’t just Jesus who demonstrates what is looks like for me to join others in their mess. My friend has regularly joined me in my mess and I want to take this opportunity to say a huge thank you to her, she will never know just how much it meant to me. To sit on the floor in the midst of my ‘not so clean’ cluttered bedroom, to visit me when I was off work with a cold, to help me to move house ‘my way’, to allow me to cry my eyes out on the low days, to give me  her time. To say without words, you have value, you have worth, I care about you, you are my friend, you aren’t invisible, you’re not alone. 

I just hope I can meet the challenge too.



Aargh, decision made…I’m moving house, from a shared house, to my own space. Unfortunately its a studio flat cos a 1 bed flat with a place to hide the clutter was too expensive. 

So I’m attempting to sort the clutter. Today I managed to create 2 bags of bags, jewellery and toiletries to go to the charity shop. Last night I couldn’t sleep (AGAIN!!) so I sorted out my CD collection, so there’s a bag full of those too to take, plus a pile of CD’s to listen to to see if they can go or not.

With depression sorting out is hard, and now I have several years of not keeping on top of it. Thankfully January has gone (the month for simply surviving) and February is nearly through. I have so much paper to sort an file. More books than will fit on my shelves. Piles of unread magazines. A box full of unfinished craft projects.

Oh and STASH!!

I’m a craft-er, what can I say. There is beads and thread, yarn and fibre, fabric and paints, glitter and clay. Is there anything at all I can get rid of?? 

So the pig sty needs cleaning out…and any tips would be gratefully received.