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I haven’t been to my church for a month now. Yet I haven’t missed a week of ‘church’, I haven’t fallen out with anyone at my church and I have been in regular contact with my clergy, home group and friends. So why have I been avoiding my church??

As I have written over the last few posts, I haven’t been feeling very well over the last few months since my GP suggested coming off my antidepressants. Over the last 4 weeks, I’ve been to 6 different churches with 5 different friends.

I guess in one sense I want to hide, to go where I am fairly anonymous, where people won’t ask me how I am in a public and big group context.

Also over the summer we joined with another church to worship. I love the people at this other church, they are very hospitable and I know them pretty well. It is also the parish church for where I live and therefore much easier and quicker to walk to. But it’s not my church. It’s not my church building. Going there is a diluted version (and therefore a less safe version) of my church family. 

Finally, and for me I feel the main reason, it’s just not accessible for me when I feel ill. It is not my perfect variety of church, but it’s where I believe I’ve been placed, it’s my family and I love that its local, but it is so frustrating a lot of the time. When I’m unwell I want to go to a church where I can worship in a modern style with space for the Holy Spirit, not having to trudge through hymns at the start and the end, with a modern bit in the middle. I need a sermon I can understand and engage with. Not just words, but something visual, a PowerPoint, props, interactive. Not big theological words I don’t understand. Practical teaching, not theories in theology. The last time I went to my church, I just went through the motions. 

So what is the plan for next week…I’ve been asked to babysit for a church family on Saturday with the opportunity to sleep over…so I can’t see how I can get out of going to my church with them next Sunday!!


The Sorrow into Joy Shelf

The Sorrow into Joy Shelf

The Rejoice Shelf

The Empy Tomb Shelf

The Easter Garden Shelf

The Brownies Shelf

The town planners shelf

The Shelf by Kids work

Last week we created a shelf in Kids work with kids from 5 – 14. 3 crosses – the pretty one for Jesus, a stick one and a duplo one for the thieves either side and then egg people to gather around them. These included a french egg, a ninja egg, a roman soldier egg and a Jesus egg (although I hid him in the crowd as he was meant to be on the cross!) and even a donk-egg!! Best of all the idea of the egg people was from one of the kids – a 7-year-old who was most put out we had copied her idea.

The Shelf complete (in daylight)

The Shelf completed

The Shelf completed

Beauty instead of Ashes, He takes my stress, anxiety, insomnia and depression and turns them into something beautiful…