I often feel alone simply as I haven’t yet created a family of my own – no husband to face the world with, no nuclear family of my own. It feels like intruding on couple and family time when you visit people in that stage of life.

Well anyway, my favourite day of the week is sunday, I get to go to church and be part of my church family, not just an individual on my own. The sad part is the walk home again to spend the rest of the day with my own company. Well this sunday was different.

I was invited for sunday lunch with a family. The wife invited me in the week.  My negative thinking thought they’d forget of cancel. Before I could ask at church, the dad asked me if I was still coming and later the eldest daughter came to say I was coming and they were looking forward to it. The girls were 9, 7 and 3 and had all been excited I was coming. The mum popped home to sort dinner, the dad dropped an elderly lady home and I had the privilege of walking home with the girls.

When I arrived, I was offered a choice of games by the 7-year-old – cluedo. snakes and ladders, guess who. We played guess who and the mum and I lamented the way the game had been redesigned since our childhood (she’s probably 10 years older than me, but still). How can they do guess who with animals. Maria my favourite was still on the people version. Snakes and Ladders was then on offer, but the dad let me escape to the kitchen for a natter with the mum, while he watched Pollyanna with the kids.

We had a sunday roast with roast chicken, roast potatoes, roast parsnips, yorkshire puddings, carrots. cabbage and lots of gravy. Yum yum. Seconds were available. I had an extra taste of chicken, a roast potato and a yorkshire pudding with the last bit of gravy. Yum.

They then decided that exercise was needed prior to any pudding so got bikes and helmets out ready for a trip to the park. I was feeling tired but loving it. The mum decided to check I was up for a trip to the park. Admitting I was tired, she let me have a snooze on the sofa, even providing me with a blanket and cautioning me not to get cold!

Once they got back we watched the rest of Pollyanna. We had ice cream cones for pudding and we all got the families traditional version with smarties hidden in the cone and a few sprinkled on top.

We then played – I went to the shops… and hangman. Even the 3-year-old had a go…but not convinced her one was a real word!! Was so impressed the way the other 2 used a dictionary to choose their words and check the spelling.

Daughter 2 then asked if I was staying for tea, I was offer toast and apple. Had a slice of apple and a cup of tea before heading to church prayer with the day. The girls were a bit gutted I wasn’t sleeping over!!

I had a wonderful day, wasn’t alone, almost wasn’t a guest, allowed to make myself at home. Each member of the family made me so welcome. I was so very blessed and hope I get a repeat visit. On saying thanks again to the dad after prayers, he said they wanted me to always feel welcome, and able to pop round if I needed to.

Thank you God so much for families like this one. Bless them and keep them. May they be storing amazing riches in heaven for their awesome hospitality.