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It’s New Year and on #shereadstruth they are just starting a new series calls a fresh start. I love their studies on youversion and I love being able to do bible study where ever I am cos it’s on my phone. Sadly this study is not on youversion, but the positive is, this is the first time I’ve started a study at the same time as everyone else is doing it.


Today’s passage was Genesis 1:1-31 and as I read it, it suddenly seemed such a fresh reading as I read it in the context of new year and new beginnings…this is my paraphrase…

“In the beginning God created a new year, 2014. It was empty and formless, no mistakes, no plans, a completely blank page. His spirit was hovering watching, waiting, ready to empower and inspire. 

Then God said let us separate 2014 into portions of time. Days to make up weeks, months and seasons. Seconds, minutes and hours to make up days. Together this made up the first day, and God saw it was good.

The next day He took the time He had created and named it; there was work time and leisure time. Most importantly there was rest time. Time to stop doing and simply be; time to recharge the batteries. This was the second day.

God flung seeds into the year saying,”Let the year be full of vision and dreams, hopes and promise.” And he saw that it was good. This all happened on the third day.

And God hung stars into the year: moments of closeness to God, thin spaces, mountain top experiences to give the year light and dark. To give time to build up reserves of hope ready for the dark times. Like flowers blooming, the fruit of dreams coming to pass. And God saw that it was good. All this happened on the fourth day.

And God filled the year with people, not just people, but friends. Friends entering, friends leaving, friends for the long-haul. God blessed them all and saw that it was good. This was the fifth day.

And God saw all he had created and said lets now make a daughter, let’s make her in our own image, to be like ourselves and to rule over the year. I bless her with dreams and visions, hope in dark times and friends for the journey. 

And God looked at His daughter and all He had created for her year 2014 and saw that it was excellent in every way. This all happened on the sixth day.”


Since I’ve had depression, I’ve struggled to read the bible or do quiet times. I’ve let myself off the hook, its hard when you’re depressed, so I’m excused!! During this current relapse I’ve done a bible study everyday for 15 days and counting!! Now I’m even reading the bible twice a day! So what’s my secret?? I thank God for the smartphone!



I have downloaded a bible app onto my phone and downloaded a reading plan that suits me. It ticks off the readings as I read them on my phone. If I’m not feeling great I can get the app to read it to me! Then I can read the additional info for the day. I’ve been managing this before work in the mornings, in bed before I get up, or listening as I get dressed and eat my breakfast.

Then at night I go to sleep listening to the bible, letting it wash over me, believing that the bits I really need to hear will stick. 

I am so grateful for technology, it is helping me to draw closer to God, even in the dark times. I hope that posting this will help someone else draw closer to God too.

Building on the rock or the sand

I love www.wordlive.org It is an online resource by Scripture union that helps you to read the bible. Instead of bible notes, you can choose to have a daily email of preparation, scripture, explanation and response, a podcast or go online to get an alternative more creative approach to the same scripture, or to meditate on it using the lectio divina option. In January I bought their CD of podcasts to play in my car. Recently I listened to the one about the Wise man building his house on the rock and the foolish man building his house on the sand (Matthew 7:24-27)

In the talk after the reading, the speaker reflected..

 It is hard drilling down through rock,

so the man building on sand probably got his house up first.

Passers-by would have said the first builder was pretty slow!

It was only when the storm came that people saw it had been

worth that extra time and effort to build on rock.

Take some time now to consider the kind of foundation

that you are building your life upon.

Is it the Word of God that underpins everything you do?

Building on God’s foundations will take time,

but when the weather gets rough you will realise it was worth the effort.

I often feel like I am so behind in the race of life. I don’t have the job I would have imagined I would have by now, I’m not married, no children, no morgage. Yet God has been using the years thus far to help me put down deep roots into Him. Learning lessons of trusting in his faithfulness, his provision, his love for me, going down to the depths, not just staying on the mountain top. Learning what community should and shouldn’t look like. Learning that God can still use me at my lowest and weakest. 

And so perhaps, the hard path God has led me through in order to put down roots into Him is a bit like the man who spent longer digging foundations into the rock. He would have looked like he was behind in the race too, yet when the storms came, his extra time of preparation would have been shown to be of great worth when his home stayed standing. Hopefully in the future I will look back and see how the extra years of preparation, stand me in good stead through the storms.