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The Sorrow into Joy Shelf

The Sorrow into Joy Shelf

The Rejoice Shelf

The Empy Tomb Shelf

The Easter Garden Shelf

The Brownies Shelf

The town planners shelf

The Shelf by Kids work

Last week we created a shelf in Kids work with kids from 5 – 14. 3 crosses – the pretty one for Jesus, a stick one and a duplo one for the thieves either side and then egg people to gather around them. These included a french egg, a ninja egg, a roman soldier egg and a Jesus egg (although I hid him in the crowd as he was meant to be on the cross!) and even a donk-egg!! Best of all the idea of the egg people was from one of the kids – a 7-year-old who was most put out we had copied her idea.

The Shelf complete (in daylight)

The Shelf completed

The Shelf completed

Beauty instead of Ashes, He takes my stress, anxiety, insomnia and depression and turns them into something beautiful…


Can you guess what it is yet??

Well here is a glimpse of part of the recent creation for the shelf, but it’s not yet finished…will post the complete creation over the weekend.

Can you guess the theme/scripture yet??