This morning at church we sang…

Our God reigns

Our God reigns

Forever your kingdom reigns

This week I have a job interview. So often we sing of God reigning, being in control, being sovereign and what we want it to mean is that we have a God who will make life go the way we want it to go. God’s on my side, so of course I’ll get the job. It’s like we have a lucky charm to improve our chances. But surely we’re called to love and serve God just cos he deserves it, not for what we can get out of him. As I thought about this during the worship this morning, I was reminded of Psalm 23…

Though I walk through the valley of death,

I will fear no evil,

for you are with me,

your rod and staff they comfort me still

Our God reigns…not that my life will be perfect, painless, just as I want it, but that He is with me, I am never alone, when celebrating or when I need his comfort in the storm. He sees the big picture across all of history. He knows where he needs me and when. He has a plan for my life and it may not be the ABC I expect.

So yes our God reigns…He reigns, not me…there will still be ups and downs…but I will never have to face them alone without Him.