I spend my life boring the twittersphere about my attempts to get up and to go to sleep. Having recovered from my last depressive episode, sleep is still an issue.


I don’t know if my issues with bed are related to having depression, or simply linked to being me!!

I’m an owl. I struggle to get to bed. In part this is habit. I have noticed that it takes around 2 hours from the decision to go to bed to lights out. I sort my breakfast out, go to the bathroom, change into pyjamas… None of this takes much time. Almost inevitably I check social media, and often it’s there I get stuck. Introverting with social media helps me to unwind. I get home around 10pm from life group on a Wednesday but it is impossible to go straight to bed, I need unwind time. I usually turn lights out around midnight. I am trying a social media curfew at 11pm, it seems a realistic goal.

I currently have no trouble actually sleeping. I used the headspace app which I have a free subscription to through work. I suspect daily meditation has improved my sleep. As has stopping listening to podcasts as I fall asleep…they used to keep me awake!!

It has surprised me that I cope with getting up now I am working again. 3 alarms go off at around 7am and by 0707 I’m in the bathroom. I’ve taken to setting alarms on the days I don’t work to ensure I get up at a sensible time. Having things to get up for help too. Yesterday I struggled to get up more than the day before. I had a sense of dread. Reflecting on it, it was either the stress of meeting a friend (who kept changing the time of meeting and tends to dump her stress on everyone else) or avoiding having to do my assignment. I seems it’s harder for me to get up on days I subconsciously want to avoid something. How do you find getting up and going to sleep?