Recognise many of those in the church I just left!!

Tries to provide worship that keeps everyone happy…thus making no one happy!!

Heavy roles for wardens, head of kids work, treasurer that they are no longer volunteering but unpaid staff positions.

Distracted from mission by a large building project. “Can’t do that until we’ve fixed the roof!”

PCC meetings monopolised by a few. Minimal opportunities for congregation engagement. No guidance for PCC members on how to represent congregations views.

Small number of people getting burnt out trying to fill the rotas, without communicating to the congregation opportunities to serve! Also the danger of giving kids opportunity to serve, not because it’s a way to help them grow… But because of lack of adults willing to serve!!

All spiritual guidance provided lecture style in the service, with no visual aids. Opportunity to be in 1 of the 2 home groups but no support or guidance from the clergy for the group leaders!

Clergy so busy, with who knows what, that they don’t provide pastoral care for congregants with major issues, or even provide support and guidance to those in leadership roles! No pastoral care team for clergy to delegate pastoral care to.

I think it’s fine to have a talk on giving every 6 months….but make your point and then leave it to God…don’t reiterate your point several more times!!

Planning for a massive building project in a deprived area/congregation. Have had to dumb down plans to attempt to keep people happy, thus leaving a bland plan.

A few people monopolise, a few roles. It’s like that’s where they get their power, value and significance!


Saint Teddy's

There are literally hundreds of articles about why people leave a particular church. I suggest that often it is a case of the church leaving the congregant and as a result the congregant either moves to a different church or becomes one of the increasingly vast legion of the unchurched. This is not strictly my personal view, but one my fellow church members have talked to me about as they went out the door and have not returned.

A church leaves a congregant when the church:

1. Tries to be liturgically all things to all people at the same time without either providing assistance in making a liturgical change, providing different liturgical experiences, or refusing to change. Traditionally oriented (often older and cradle to grave individuals) no longer feel comfortable. Not so traditional congregants feel forced to follow a liturgy that does not recognize their newness or their desire to…

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