There is no them and us..anyonof us can find ourselves in need of the support of the welfare I discovered only this year


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What separates them from benefit claimants? One event beyond their control.

One departmental downsizing

One ruptured blood vessel

One car accident that you couldn’t prevent

One expected baby born with an unexpected disability

One company that suddenly tumbles into receivership

One slip, one trip, one fall on the ice, the rug, the pavement, the stairs, the shower

One bereavement you couldn’t get over

One rolling contract not renewed this financial year

One frail elderly parent you cannot bear to be cared for by strangers

One faulty gene triggered into rapid action

One unscrupulous employer who learns you are pregnant

One partner who was supposed to be “too young” for dementia

One paid job now done by an unpaid intern

One medical image confirming the worst

One mental health breakdown you never saw coming

One pension fund that didn’t…

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