This week I’m on annual leave and spending the week at my parents, so this is not really a typical Friday for me.

Really tired. I slept and slept… Finally wake up at 12 midday – oops. Dad’s already gone to cricket. Mum’s around. I meant to get up earlier and head up to London for the day. Decide I may as well have lunch with mum, now I’m still at home…no point wasting money. Dad returns from cricket. They are driving up to London and heading in from an outer tube station… Trying desperately to exert my autonomy. Mum especially still sees me as her baby (aged 33!) and enjoys planning my time when I’m around. She’s planned and booked a special meal as a family in London, but I want to try to hold onto my independence so get the train up separately. On the way I try to take photos of things could be interpreted as letters – abcdef, I get stuck when I get to g, I mean what looks like a g…

I read my book on my train journey. I enjoy throwing the map away and wandering around cities. Walk out of Liverpool Street and hope to walk in a Westerly direction. End up wondering via Barbican  (where I decide a bike wheel could look a bit like a G) up to Islington… I walk past an art shop and wander in –  it has every type of paint or colour creator you could imagine…amazing..take their card so I can mail order. Carry on to Smithfield market, then along to Chancery Lane. Peckish now so start wondering where I can treat myself to a drink and a nibble without spoiling my appetite. Carry on down Fleet street and onto the Strand. Impressed by all the Kings College Alumni displayed on the boards. Find a Mexican Street Food restaurant. Have a non alcoholic cocktail and 1 plate of street food. Yummy and just perfect to fill the gap.


Carry on through Trafalgar Square. Love the Remembrance day installation. On along Pall Mall and  up Haymarket to Piccadilly Circus. Mum’s given me the address of a pub to meet them in, before our meal. Looks like the pub doesn’t exist as street is closed for a new development. SOS call to mum and dad to ring me… Try going down Regent street but no entry to pub that side either. Meet parents back at Piccadilly Circus…give up suggestion the Costas and Whittards I’ve just seen…dad has fixed ideas and refused to go to either of them…easier to just follow his lead…eventually we find a restaurant that is happy to serve drinks only. Its freezing…I have a coffee. Catch up with parents – they’ve been to see the Poppies at the Tower of London. Already we are grumpy with each other.

We head to the restaurant on Piccadilly Circus…its posh…apparently lots of famous people have eaten here and it opened in the 1800’s. Mum finds all kinds of special offers so we have a table booked for the £25 menu. My sister is late – held up from work. Gorgeous posh meal. I have Mussels in a creamy white wine sauce, Posh Bangers and Mash with red cabbage and onion marmalade and dark chocolate tart with mango sorbet and some fancy powder…could it be some kind of freeze dried berries powdered up? We also get a free champagne cocktail in the price.

After the meal we head straight back to the tube and out to where dad left the car. Dad and sister introvert. I get my crochet out to pass the tube journey. Back at the station car park dad asks if I want to drive. Pleased to get to drive mum’s car, and on fast road as well as through our town but very concious that if I crash the car, I hurt my whole family. Drive very carefully – dad says I’m over the right hand line….but I’m scared of clipping the kerb. We get home in one piece. A really enjoyable day, both time alone and with the family. Shame I slept the whole morning though.