The Sunday School Scenario

  • 18 kids ages 4 – 13
  • Including 2 kids with special needs
  • 2 adult leaders per session
  • No shared vision
  • No behaviour management guidelines
  • No training or advice on what works for the special needs kids
  • No meetings as a team to encourage, share ideas or pray together
  • 1 A4 page outline of what to deliver in session

pointed-656184_1280The Mental Health Relapse

  • Diagnosed with burnout due to work pressures
  • 9 weeks off work followed by 12 weeks in work before becoming unwell again
  • Current sick leave of 4.5 months and ongoing
  • On 2 antidepressants
  • Anxiety and Depression remain unstable
  • Variable ability to manage household task,
  • High levels of fatigue
  • In group psychotherapy

The Result

  • Following helping in Sunday school fell asleep for 4-5 hours and would have slept through without dinner, were it not for medication alarm going.
  • So far 3 day relapse in functioning and energy levels.
  • Email relating to Sunday School Triggered abnormally high levels of anxiety, agitation and insomnia despite being on sedative antidepressant.

The Alternative

Resigning from the rota(s) until over relapse even if if does make me feel guilty and like I’m letting people down.

It would be so much easier if only I didn’t care about kids and about helping them to be a valued part of the church of today and not patronising them with a watered down powerless version of the Gospel.

However as someone said today, It is sometimes wise to take a short term measures that mean that I am more likely to be available in the long term.