So my twitter friend @imillnotcrazy‘s has blogged today on the Mind website her reflections after being asked “What are you like when you’re well?” Here is my answer…


When I am well I work a 30 hour week for a charity. 6 hour days help to minimise fatigue and manage my depression. I work from 0930 to 1530. I will often rush from work to have a coffee with a friend, or dinner with a family. After that I might do a second activity…dancing on Mondays, Home group every other Wednesday, Crafting with my friend, PCC/Deanery Synod meetings, meeting another friend for the rest of the evening, babysitting.

When I am well I teach in the Sunday School, deliver the kids slot, help plan the women’s breakfast and serve the teas and coffees at church.

When I am well, the only activities I can guilt free decline to help with at church are the night shelter and gardening.

When I am well I create, I play with paint, I crochet, I sew, I spin, I dabble in many crafts – jack of all trades, master of none!!

When I am well I cook, not just to live, but as an expression of creativity. I entertain friends ranging from other singles, up to families of 6 kids. One year I invited all the members of the PCC for dinners in order for them to get to know each other better.

When I am well I can look after myself and maintain a home.

When I am well I get a veg box every 2-3 weeks.

When I am well I am healthy weight to overweight, but I am not obese.

When I am well I sleep.

When I am well I study. I completed the Bishops Certificate in Children Ministry in 2013. The Professional Aware in Community Development in 2014. Before that I did training in counselling skills (2007/2008), before having to pull out of the Level 3 course as I needed to be the helped, not the helper.

When I am well I go out of the City to visit friends around the UK.

When I am well I ask others how they are doing, I maintain the friendship, I serve them as I am able when they are finding life tough. I listen.


When I am well I book myself on to attend conferences about the Holy Spirit such as the Third Person Conferences, events by Catch the Fire, even conferences on faith and health .

When I am well I go to dance workshops like those run by the Christian Dance Fellowship of Britain or Movement in Worship across the UK.


When I am well…my life runs at 100 miles an hour…and sometimes I just need a break…