Juggling Spoons

I’ve been quiet here of late, but I’m not going to apologise for it. Back when I first started blogging, I’d be endlessly apologising for leaving it a few days/weeks/months between posts, begging my readers to bare with me despite my failings as a human being. Thankfully, I’m older and wiser and I don’t feel the need to grovel at your feet.

The lapse in content on Juggling Spoons is for a simple but important reason: I’m back working Full Time. I keep forgetting that I haven’t told everyone this and get moderately annoyed when every friend I see for a catch up asks if I’m back full time yet. Of course I am, I mutter impatiently, forgetting those months where I was so ill I required 24/7 care from my friends to keep me alive. I do tend to try my best to not think about all of…

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