Happy New year!! I’m hoping 2015 is a better year as 2014 being up there as one of the worst – having spent the latter half having my life hijacked by depression and burnout.

Do you write new years resolutions??

I don’t!! Instead there are a couple of things I do try to do. I look back at the last year and journal. What am I thankful for. What were the good times and the struggles.

I also pray. I ask God what he plans for this year and write down the words I sense him speaking into my heart. I also look back at what he said last year, how did it work itself out? Were his words fulfilled in a way I wouldn’t have even imagined?

Last year I chose to have a journal for the year. I covered it in collage. I picked out the words and pictured that spoke to me.

Journal 2014 coverLooking back at this cover I can see how words came to fruition, cups of tea, sewing, worship, dancing…

Today I look forward to looking back, to hearing God and to covering a notebook. Already a verse has popped up 3 times over the last 24 hours making me wonder if it is for me.

And new years resolutions…new diet, better timekeeping, more bible study…well all those can wait until Lent, when the sun is starting to shine, the days growing warmer and when they will be just that bit easier to keep.