I’ve been on annual leave this week…I headed South to my parents home for some TLC. I had great plans…rest relaxation, lots of wool ready to make felted mobile phone cosies, a project shawl and a patchwork project, a couple of books. Plans to see people – new Godbaby in London, elderly neighbour, school friend with new baby. Plans to ‘borrow’ mums car and go on adventures around the county – time in the countryside,in pubs, cafes, shops. New clothes, decluttering my bedroom, getting my dental check up.

Once again I was over optimistic!! My shawl had a few rows added, but nothing else got made. My teeth got checked. I saw the new babies but didn’t get to see my neighbour. The only shopping was for my swap parcel…but the project bag I needed to make wasn’t started. I had coffee with my dad, but ran out of time to have a cuppa with my mum. I made a dent in the clutter of my room and gained maybe a metre more of visible carpet.

I can’t kick myself too much…for there are some visible achievements, but sadly I slept through several mornings…the alarm would go I’d hit snooze and turn over…the tiredness continues to overwhelm and given the chance I long to sleep for days.