After 9 weeks of sick with fatigue and burnout, I have now been back at work for 7 weeks. I have had a phased return and this week I did my full days, while still keeping Wednesday off. In the last week I have seen symptoms of burnout start to return…the sore throats, the brain freeze…also jealousy of others having holidays and being critical of other people’s work. To try and halt my leaning over the edge, I spent Saturday in bed, resting, listening to podcasts and allowing myself to snooze. I got up to go to a friends for dinner, then returned back to sleep. Yet although the progression has slowed, i still feel I am leaning over looking into the abyss. I don’t want to get ill again and to have time of work. For now I just have to get through 1 more day, before I have my first week of annual leave since returning. I hope it will be a chance to rest and recharge…but the question lingers…can I work in this job and stay well…or will I eventually need to give in…and leave.