In a bid to avoid the winter blues I booked a holiday to Spain. The weekend before I left, I visited a church, where people were also visiting, who had links to a church in Spain, in the next town to where I was going. The randomness of our meeting, made me sure it had significance. I flew to Spain on Sunday, making it impossible to go to the church, but I noticed that not only did they have a weekly prayer meeting, but I would be visiting the week of their Woman’s meeting.

On Monday I made the 25 minute bus journey from Banelmadena down the coast to Fuergirola to The Ark. Sadly I saved the wrong time into my phone, so I arrived as they were coming to an end. They had paired up with women they didn’t know, prayed for them and then created a card with the words and pictures they felt God wanted them to share with their partner. I was sad to miss out, but was so blessed to have spent a short time with these prayerful, prophetic, creative women. One of the other ladies to prayed with me. She knew that she knew me, suddenly she realised we had been on holiday together 10 years ago!!

On the bus home, I sensed God say,”this holiday is for Jesus”. How strange I thought, surely that’s what retreats and Oak Hall holidays are for!!

I returned to The Ark on Wednesday for their prayer meeting. We had an amazing hour and a half, worshipping and praying as we felt led by the Holy spirit. There was freedom in that place. At one point I felt led to grab a red and gold flag and dance…I asked permission before I did…but after the meeting the pastor actively encouraged me to use them if I was coming to the service on Sunday. A lady prayed that God wanted to break strongholds in our mindsets, and in depression and anxiety. I wondered if that was a word for me and asked the lady who brought it to pray with me afterwards. She organised for me to go with a member of the church for theophostic prayer, where God showed me the lies I’ve believed from when I was young and spoke His truth instead. I’m choosing to believe Go’s words – I am loved, I am special, I am beautiful!! What an extraordinary visit!!