Since I’ve had depression, I’ve struggled to read the bible or do quiet times. I’ve let myself off the hook, its hard when you’re depressed, so I’m excused!! During this current relapse I’ve done a bible study everyday for 15 days and counting!! Now I’m even reading the bible twice a day! So what’s my secret?? I thank God for the smartphone!



I have downloaded a bible app onto my phone and downloaded a reading plan that suits me. It ticks off the readings as I read them on my phone. If I’m not feeling great I can get the app to read it to me! Then I can read the additional info for the day. I’ve been managing this before work in the mornings, in bed before I get up, or listening as I get dressed and eat my breakfast.

Then at night I go to sleep listening to the bible, letting it wash over me, believing that the bits I really need to hear will stick. 

I am so grateful for technology, it is helping me to draw closer to God, even in the dark times. I hope that posting this will help someone else draw closer to God too.