My Story is imperfect. To me its a story of failure. Failing to get the grades. Failing medical school. Failing assignments. Failing placements. Failing to get a job after graduation. Failing to be confident in my profession. Failing to recognise workplace bullying. failing to stand up to the bullies. Failing to defend myself against accusation. Failing to stay strong…falling into depression. Failing to stay put, instead running away from my home in a ‘foreign land’ to friends who loved me. Failing at my job, ultimately leaving for the sake of my health. Failing to work the hours, failing to get the graduate salary. Failing to stay in touch. Failing to keep my home tidy. Failing to find a husband. Failing to come off antidepressants (just for now!)

But with God all things are possible. He can take my failures, and use them for his glory. He can use my story to encourage others. My story tells of God’s faithfulness and love towards me. I can trust he has already written the rest of my story…and my story fits neatly into a page within His great story.