I’ve just signed up for the Made Course. I don’t know why, I haven’t researched it thoroughly. I’m just a creative who wants to make art that brings glory to my ‘Father’, either because it helps him to transform me, or because it reveals Him to the world. I’m scared of the talk of photograph, writing, even painting. I’m a dabbler, a crafter, I crochet, I spin, I sew, I play with fibre, paper, wire and beads. I dance. Perhaps I fit in the ‘mixed media’ category.

At a recent Women’s conference they prayer specifically for creatives. My friend a few weeks later prayed for an increase in my creativity. I whinged on the way home from the conference that the church has no space for creatives…unless they are musicians…within days I had been asked to make a stole for someones ordination.

So who knows why I’ve signed up,,,but if you want to join me go to