A girl who had dyed her hair to match her clothes (blue!)

A friend taking the time to find out how i was despite it being late and when she was tired and stressed.

Drinking coffee on my own in the coffee break at a conference and another lady attending on her own coming and joining me.

Arranging to meet the same lady for lunch.

Eating a gorgeous meze platter in a Turkish restaurant together.

Courgette pancakes….i want the recipe!!

This lady, a stranger, buying my lunch!

The sun shining

Sending greetings from my friend to the conference speaker, and him knowing exactly who she was.

Someone buying me a bottle of water.

When God tells you how much to put in the collection!

Tears falling as you hear stories of lives transformed.

A raspberry and white chocolate creamy cooler (drink).

Charter trains.

Policemen watching from the bridge at York station.

A man dropping some notes (cash) in front of the policeman and the policeman being able to immediately reunite the cash with its owner.

An old fashioned guard with a green flag on the charter train.

Getting an early train so arriving on the same train as another guest.

Two of us sitting on the lawn scrubbing a big bucket full of potatoes.

Seeing the kids of university friends…at least 1 mini me!

Cuddles with a smiley baby.

Garden church!! A child dedicated in their own back garden, full service in the sunshine, preceded by BBQ and followed by tea and cake.

Children dancing in the sunshine during worship at garden church.

Puppet show including Jesus exploding with rage at parents being prevented from bringing their kids to him.

Being given 2 books for free because no one knew if they were priced or free.