God wants me to know I’m beautiful, inside and out…in fact He even inspired my parents to give me names meaning beautiful eyes AND beautiful.

Yet i don’t feel beautiful…

Outside I’m just normal, not ugly, just normal.

Inside though, i am so not beautiful. I’m a mess. I’m sat here in church and my friend has just handed me the wine saying,”the blood of Christ which He shed for you because he loves you very very much.” “well He must have been crazy”, i reply. Why would the son of God come down to earth to die for me, so that God could have a relationship with me…I’m not beautiful, I’m not worth it.

I’m having a wobbly week as I’m coming off antidepressants. Another friend prayed for me and felt led to tell me that i still have a place in Gods big story, that I’m not discounted despite how i feel.

I guess my friends are standing in the gap for me, speaking truth over me, when i don’t feel able to grasp Gods truth for myself, they see my beauty, my gifting, my potential and point me to truth.