I know its Sunday, but I’m inspired to join Lisa Jo Baker for the first time and write on the word Brave.

Brave. For me to be brave, I would share my struggles with depression publically, not just in places where I can be anonymous. Like a sunflower that stands tall and shines, yet at its centre you glimpse the darkness within. I live with depression. I’ve been so unwell I couldn’t work.Now back in the workplace, I’ve had to leave my profession and work for less money. I’ve had to trust God still has a plan for my life. Holding tight to Jeremiah 29:11 and Romans 8:28. But only some people even glimpse the surface of my story, my struggle.  Today I found that the Archbishop of Canterbury’s daughter did an interview about her struggle with depression. She was brave where I couldn’t be. So today I shared her interview on Facebook and wrote the words “I recommend highly this interview by the daughter of the Archbishop of Canterbury. Like her I too have depression, and I can identify with much of her experience; the faithfulness of God, how precious friends are and the benefit of routine.” It is the first step. For only as we step out bravely to share our struggles with depression, will others find encouragement and the stigma of mental illness be broken in society and in the church.