So it’s the end of lent, and I’ve managed to blog myself through lent. For me, taking up blogging for lent was far better than taking up blogging for my new years resolution, then I would have been fighting the winter blues, to do something for lent is a much better time of year, and a shorter time.

I wanted to get into blogging more this year, I wished I could commit to blog every day…but I was blessed to read Tanya Marlows post Confessions of a recovering perfectionist just before lent and learnt, if it was worth doing, it was worth doing badly, better to blog through lent a few times a week (or even miss a week), than not to blog at all.

I have enjoyed starting to find my voice, and hope to now continue to blog regularly. One word of warning though…I’m off on retreat next week and am banned from the internet and the phone…so I will be silent over the next week (I think I’ve more that made up for it with all the posts today though 😉 but I hope to be back. Thanks for reading.