I’m moving house. From a shared house to a studio flat. 

I have had to push down my pride and ask for help. Lots of friends have offered help, or at least said they would but can’t this week, at least that makes me feel valued. 

What I’ve learnt is there are different ways to move. 

A  friend visited to help and seemed shocked I wasn’t just filling a car and taking everything  round. To her my method seemed slow and inefficient. Thankfully she swallowed her way and followed my lead. Another friend commented she couldn’t help me move cos she’s sorting out her own stuff…she moved at least 2 weeks ago, why would she need to sort anything (bear in mind her move was equally small scale – from 2 rooms to a 1 bed flat).

I however am doing it my way. I spent the week before working methodically round my room, binning, decluttering, sending things to the charity shop, moving items out of drawers that are staying into furniture that is coming. Once I had the keys the first big job was to put up my new book shelves and plan where things would go. Then we first moved the things that had a place to go. A shelf for the sewing machine and printer. Craft drawers in place. Yarn boxes in the gap by the sofa, CD’s in the gap by the shelves, games in their space on the book shelf, baskets on the built in shelves. Trying to leave the clutter behind, to start off tidy. At least 14 bags have gone to the charity shop and several bin bags to the rubbish. Plus there’s the stuff to go home, and the stuff I can store at a friend’s house locally. 

I’m moving my way, methodically, everything in order, in its correct place from the start.