Aargh, decision made…I’m moving house, from a shared house, to my own space. Unfortunately its a studio flat cos a 1 bed flat with a place to hide the clutter was too expensive. 

So I’m attempting to sort the clutter. Today I managed to create 2 bags of bags, jewellery and toiletries to go to the charity shop. Last night I couldn’t sleep (AGAIN!!) so I sorted out my CD collection, so there’s a bag full of those too to take, plus a pile of CD’s to listen to to see if they can go or not.

With depression sorting out is hard, and now I have several years of not keeping on top of it. Thankfully January has gone (the month for simply surviving) and February is nearly through. I have so much paper to sort an file. More books than will fit on my shelves. Piles of unread magazines. A box full of unfinished craft projects.

Oh and STASH!!

I’m a craft-er, what can I say. There is beads and thread, yarn and fibre, fabric and paints, glitter and clay. Is there anything at all I can get rid of?? 

So the pig sty needs cleaning out…and any tips would be gratefully received.