Today I was ill, the sore throat had got worse and my body was exhausted fighting the infection. Yet its a miracle to have so few, mild symptoms when only 6 months ago a cold would lay me up in bed for a week!! 

Is it God, or is it the aromatherapy course of treatment I had, 6 weeks of weekly aromatherapy massage. And even if it is the aromatherapy, who says that doesn’t still point to God, both as healer, creator and guide. After all he invented the essential oils, he led me to a therapist with the skills and I am his daughter and he wants me to live life to the full, life in abundance. 

I don’t believe God heals everyone, perhaps I lack faith due to life experience, but I know God can heal in all situations, and he can use the supernatural or natural, conventional medicine or complimentary therapies. We are called to trust him, and pray in all circumstances, only he knows what answer we will get. But if we do not ask, then how can we get?

What are your beliefs about healing?