Why does being female and having periods make life so complicated.

In the past periods were not too big a problem – a bit of tummy ache, a grumpy so and so to my parents but otherwise fine. Unlike my sister who’s pain was so bad she’d put herself to bed on day 1. In my nuclear family, I had it the best.

That all changed when I went on Sertraline in April 2010. Each month, the normal slight dip in mood, would get magnified the few days before my period. Then my mood would start to climb up, but before it reached back to where it had been, it’d be time to drop again due to the next months period. I got lower and lower until after a rather irrational tearful day, I told my GP to put me back on my old meds.

Anyway he didn’t but changed me to something very similar to my old meds. So month 1 on new meds I was fine pre my period but dipped during it a little. Then this month I again was fine before but since starting have started to get lower and lower – first being extremely tired, then sleeping badly, then tearful, oversensitive… The tiredness is effecting my functioning – forgetting my phone, reading things wrong when reading stories out loud…

I’m worried that the week of my period will always be a black week for me (a change from the norm) and by worrying and thinking about it, I worry that I’m keeping myself ill.