Having worked as a dietitian in the NHS, I now feel that I am unlikely to do ever do this again – and if I do it’ll be in 20-30 years time. I’m just disillusioned with the culture of bullying, stress and politics. To be well comes far above earning potential and professional status.

Since being signed off working, I have undertaken a variety of volunteering. This includes being a creche worker and working on a project that supports women with postnatal depression (bubbies present). Certainly being a creche worker was not a choice but just where the organisation placed me. I also get the opportunity to see plenty of my close friends’ babies (defined as anyone under 5 years!) and look after one of my friends daughters on a weekly basis. I have also had a musing (probably God given) that I should look into the possibility of doing a NVQ in childcare.

In the last month I have had the following comments

  • You’re going to make a great mum
  • Have you ever thought about doing a PGCE in early years and working as a nursery or reception teacher. You don’t need a degree cos you already have a degree. You could get experience as a teaching assistant to start with and see how you find it. No you won’t need an NVQ cos you’ve got a degree.
  • If you hadn’t told me what you do, I’d have definately thought you work in child care.
  • You can see that you’re passionate about kids.
  • I think you should definately look into becoming a childminder.
  • Have you ever thought about working as a health visitor or child minder?

Shall post any future comments.