I am fed up, frustrated, anxious and worried,

I can’t sleep, I’m tired, I can’t concentrate,

I can only read drivel, I’ve no appetite,

I keep missing breakfast, I binge on chocolate,

Wear the same clothes twice, Struggle with my meds,

I’m a failure, pathetic, a fraud, ‘pull yourself together’

‘You milk it’, ‘You’re just lazy,’ ‘Get off your backside and go work.’

I’m teary, feel ready to explode, I feel my way in the dark,

I’m alone, Desperately attempting to keep going,

I put on a brave face, so no one’s the wiser, Got to look strong and in control.

But I don’t want a future…for with no future…it will all fade away.

(NB this does not indicate any plans to end it all)